The training of young professionals in the electrical trade, and the development, maintenance and enhancement of the skills and expertise of our teams in a constantly evolving industry such as electrical installations is essential. Laurent Chuard Electricité trains 4 apprentice electricians every year and ensures that its team of technicians receive continuous training.


Initial training: Swiss higher professional qualification CFC – Electrical Fitter

The initial training to become an electrical fitter takes 3 years and provides the following skills:

  • Installation of an electrical panel and cables to supply construction equipment
  • Laying the pipes, wires and connections of new installations
  • Connection of electrical equipment and lighting in residential buildings
  • Installation and set-up of office lighting and machines
  • Connection of engines and various devices in factories and workshops
  • Commissioning and initial checks of electrical installations carried out
  • Use of measuring and control devices

Initial training: Swiss higher professional qualification CFC – Electrical installer

The training to become an electrical installer is more extensive than that of electrical fitter and lasts for 4 years.

In addition to the skills provided by the Electrical Fitter qualification, the Electrical Installer training also includes the following skills:

  • Design and connection of telephone, computer and multimedia installations
  • Modifications and repairs to electrical and communication networks
  • Wiring and connection of electrical panels

Continuous training 

In an ever-changing world of technological advancement, the continuous training of our teams is essential to ensure we fulfil our mission to serve and support our customers in all areas of electrical work.

Rapid technological and regulatory advances in our industry require us to constantly evolve to remain up to date with new developments.

Our technicians and specialists participate in regular training courses enabling them to adapt to changes and improve their techniques, skills and expertise in electrical engineering, thus maintaining their level of expertise and their ability to meet your needs effectively.